TYROLIA Ambition 10 Alpine Touring Ski Binding - Black 2022

Ambition 10 Alpine Touring - Black 2022

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Tyrolia Ambition 10 Alpine Touring Bindings 

Extend your skiing horizons with the Tyrolia Ambition 10 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings, and join the wonderful world of Alpine Touring (AT) skiing. This frame style binding uses a minimal AT heel and toe to keep weight down, but step in reliability and ease are top priorities. A good choice for lighter skiers looking to get into the sport of touring.

Product Details


Alpine Touring Toe - Compact design with a 65mm wide mechanical AFD adjusts to fit all adult boot sole types. Double rollers provide superior safety release and re-centering action, and a wide contact area improves stability and response.

Fashion Tour

Alpine Touring Heel and Climbing Aid - The secure lock and climbing aid is positioned close to the heel for better balance and climbing, and the low 38 mm stand height stays out of the way while skinning. Four different climbing heights are available: 0˚, 5˚, 10˚ and 15˚.

Boot Compatibility

Telescopic Tube Adjustment - The AAAmbition features a unique light-weight telescopic tube for easy adjustment to different boot sole lengths. A single binding model can cover the entire range of different sole lengths – from 260 to 350 mm. The telescopic tube also enables a more compact mounting to perfectly position the binding on your skis and eliminate mid-point deviation.

Fits Boot Sole Lengths (BSL) From 260mm to 350mm

Fits ISO 5355 Alpine, ISO 9523 Touring, and 9523 GripWalk Soles

Additional Features

Freeflex - Tyrolia's tried and tested Freeflex System, which interacts with the AT Toe, the telescopic tube and the AT Heel, offers natural dynamics, excellent downhill performance for a supreme ski touring experience.

Stand Height - 38 mm

Studs Available Separately in 90mm, 105mm and 120mm Widths

Ski Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or more 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.