Winter 2022
SPARK R&D Surge Splitboard Bindings Snowboard Binding - Black 2022 (Sold with splitboard only)
SPARK R&D Surge Splitboard Bindings Snowboard Binding - Black 2022 (Sold with splitboard only)
SPARK R&D Surge Splitboard Bindings Snowboard Binding - Black 2022 (Sold with splitboard only)
SPARK R&D Surge Splitboard Bindings Snowboard Binding - Black 2022 (Sold with splitboard only)

Snowboard binding
SPARK R&D Surge Splitboard Bindings - Black 2022 (Sold with splitboard only)

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Surge Splitboard Bindings 2022

Stiff and Powerful

Snowboard Binding Surge black by SPARK R&D.

The Surge is built for big days, and is preferred by our bigger, more aggressive riders. Solid baseplate design, stiffer Rip 'N' Flip highbacks, and more supportive Pillow Line ankle straps combines to give riders greater control in demanding terrain. All Surge bindings industry-leading Tesla T1 technology. This season an optimized snap ramp will help you shave a few extra grams. Every piece of this binding is made in-house with the exception of a few screws and the buckles!

Snowboard Awards:

In the box: Bindings, Tesla touring brackets, Tesla T1 heel, mounting screws, and Spark pocket tool.

What else do I need? A set of Spark Pucks, Spark Canted Pucks, or Voile pucks.

Weight: 1.51 lbs / ea (686g) - 3.02 lbs / pr (1372g) - Medium

Surge Binding Features Video

Everything you need to know about the Surge!

Pillow Line Straps

Surge Pillow Line Straps are lightweight - 53% lighter than their predecessors. They are ultradurable, comfortable, waterproof, one-piece molded construction, and made 100% in-house. Strap pillows are thin and flexible for a comfortable, conformed fit, while they are thick and supple. Surge ankle straps have a wide, asymmetrical footprint around the boot for incredible all around support. The toe straps, Arc and Surge models, and are designed to be used as a toe cap but also fit traditionally over the top.

Rip 'N' Flip Highback

The R&D shines with a shape built from 3D scans of popular splitboard boot models, and a list of rad features designed specifically for and fully appreciated by the splitboarder. The Surge has a high amount of glass fiber for a stiff ride and maximum response. The free forward lean adjuster tool (FLAD) offers complete customization from 0 ° to 22 ° in ride mode. The Forward Lean Adjuster toggles easily between forward lean position and -13 ° touring position for easy transitions.

One Climbing Wire

T1 stands for One Wire - because that's all you need. A simple fatty wire is built into the baseplate switches easily from stowed, to low (12 °), to high (18) climbing positions and back again while touring. For 17 / 18, All Arc and Surge bindings with Whammy Bars for easy climbing wire position changes on the steeps.

Snap Ramps & Side-Lock Touring Brackets

T1 System bindings slide sideways into the air and locked into place with our snap ramp. No pins, no cables, no fiddle factor. Integrated Ibex Clamps for mounting brackets for quick and easy installation and removal.

Puck Compatibility

Slide on the snap the ramp down. Snap the ramp up and slide them off. The most functional way to attach your binding to your board in ride mode. Period. Spark R&D bindings are designed to work with all compatible puck splitboard models. When used with Surge bindings conveniently access with the bindings in place for accurate stance adjustment. New for this season, Spark R&D is offering a 3 ° canted puck model.

T1 Heel Rest

The T1 Heel Rest catches the climbing wire in the 12 ° and 18 ° positions and is specifically designed to hold the T1 Heel Locker in place.

Buckles & Plastics

Ladders and adjusters are produced in-house with unique thermoplastics that maintain flex over a wide temperature range, performing well on spring tours as well as sub-zero suffer fests. All straps incorporate Burton's time-tested bomber buckles.