Lowest price policy

Before you make your purchase

If you find an authorized Canadian retailer, a lower price in-store, online or print, we will offer you this cheaper item. Let us know which competitor offers the lowest price, we will check the price and availability of the product for immediate sale and delivery.

The conditions are as follows:

The product must be of the same make and model as the product purchased and located in Canada. It must be new and still in its packaging and subject to the manufacturer's warranties applicable in Canada and for sale to an authorized dealer in Canada. The competitive price must be in Canadian dollars and adjusted based on existing fees, taxes and other charges such as delivery.

The lowest price guarantee does not apply to advertising or printing errors, Black Friday prices, Cyber ​​Monday prices, Christmas sales, restricted offers, postal offers, discounts, coupons , bonuses, free or exceptional offers, offers limited in time and quantity, sales of liquidation or disposal, balances and special financing offers.

The terms of the lowest price guarantee are subject to change without notice.

The guarantee of the lowest price - FAQ

How can I take advantage of the lowest price guarantee for my item?

Before you make your purchase, contact us at the shop @ boutiqueadrenaline.com. We will check the price of the competitor and help you pay less for your item and include a surprise in your package.

Do shipping costs affect the price I receive?
Shipping charges are taken into consideration when determining the final price applicable under the lowest price guarantee. For example, if we sell a coat to 250 $ and a competitor offers it to 230 $ but it also requires 25 $ for shipping while we offer shipping for free, the actual price of the competitor will be 255 $, which is higher than our 250 $ price. In this case, this coat would not qualify for our lowest price guarantee because our price would already be the lowest.

What happens if the competitor does not have the item in stock or if he has a limited quantity?
Retailers sometimes advertise an item in limited quantities. Unfortunately, if the item is out of stock or if the competitor has indicated that the item was in limited quantity, the item will not qualify for our lowest price guarantee. In the same vein, if we sell an item advertised in limited quantities, its price can not be reduced.

Do you match promotional gift offers with purchase?
Unfortunately, we can not match the price of offers including a promotional gift with purchase.